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Easy Printable Valentines Treat Ideas for the Classroom

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means frantically running around trying to find valentines for kids to take to their classroom parties.  This year get a head-start with these printable valentines!  We used designs from the Yay Day Be Mine Planner and Stationery Bundles and separated the designs to create unique and ADORABLE valentines that will certainly be a hit at this year’s classroom party! 

All of these ideas are easy to complete and only require printing, cutting and adding a sweet treat. The red Dum Dum suckers, M&M’s, efruitti gummi pizzas, and sprinkle donut holes are the stars of the show.  I mean, pizza in candy form? Yes, PLEASE! These simple treats are just what these printable valentine cards need to up the cuteness factor.  Check out all of the video tutorials below to see how you can get creative with these free valentine printables from Yay Day Paper Co! 

Materials for the Cherry on Top Printable Valentine

How to Make the Cherry on Top Printable Valentine

Step 1: You’re first going to open Cricut Design Space and upload the ephemera with the ice cream cone that says “you’re the cherry on my sundae”. Separate the images so you just have the ice cream cone and resize it to 4.7” x8.123”. After that, print the image on cardstock.
Step 2: Run the printed design through your Cricut (or Silhouette), select heavy cardstock from the material options, and cut out the printable valentines. 
Step 3: Next, cut off the cherry from the print out. 
Step 4: Cut a pipe cleaner that measures 2 1/4”.  Bend about an 1/8” in and add a glue dot to the bottom.  After that, press down on the glue dot, going over it with your finger.  Slowly remove the liner.  The glue dot should be nicely adhered.  If it’s not, just place the liner back down and go over it again with your nail until it’s adhered. 
Step 5: Finally, place the pipe clear on the top of the sucker wrapper and press down. 
Step 6: Cut a strip of paper measuring 2”x 1” and add double sided tape to both of the long sides. 
Step 7: Place the sucker where the cherry was, making sure just the top is poking out. Add the piece of paper on top of the sucker and press down.  This will hold the sucker in place. 

Pizza Printable Valentines 

Now that you know how to make your own cherry on top valentines, it’s time to see how to send some love in the form of candy pizza! These mini candy pizza printable valentines cards are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Materials for Pizza Printable Valentine

How to Make Pizza Printable Valentines

You’ll be shocked at how surprisingly easy these are to make! A little printing here, folding there, and lastly popping in the most adorable candy pizza

Step 1: In Cricut Design Space, use the image – Pizza Box
#M466DC.  Resize it to 8.814” x 5.206”.  Select ‘cardstock’ from the material options and add it to your machine to cut.   
Step 2: To assemble the box, fold in along all of the score lines including the 6 tabs.  
Step 3: Add adhesive along the inside of the 4 side pieces and fold over the tabs. Then, fold over the end pieces to finish creating the box shape. 
Step 4: Upload the pizza card ephemera from the Yay Day Be Mine Stationery Bundle to your canvas and separate the images (tip: check out the how-to video here).  Resize the image to 2.883” x 3.055”.  
Step 5: Hide the box image and print out 6 images onto gloss sticker paper.  Select ‘vinyl’ from the materials. 
Step 6: Remove one of the stickers and place on the center of the pizza box. 
Step 7: Remove the pizza from the package and add it to the inside of the pizza box. After that, close the top. 

“You Mean the World to Me” Printable Valentines

For this classroom printable valentine we used the Back to School Bundle 1 to make the most adorable valentines! The theme of this bundle is all about heading back to the classroom. Even though these printables are for labeling supplies, gift ideas for teachers, as well as sweet lunch notes. However, one of the lunch notes transitions perfectly into a valentine theme. Take a look at the tutorial below for more details on this ‘You Mean the World to Me” printable valentine!

Materials for the “You Mean the World to Me” Printable Valentines

Step 1: First, upload the lunchbox notes file to Design Space and separate the images so you’re left with the “you mean the world to me” design. Then, resize it to 3” long. Copy and paste it until you have 9 total.  Finally, print the design on the matte photo paper. 
Step 2: Lay the design on the mat, select ‘cardstock’ from the materials. After that, run it through the Cricut machine to cut. 
Step 3: Punch all four corners on the tags to create a rounded look. Even though I love a good rounded edge, you could certainly leave the corners as is.
Step 4: Use the 1/8″ punch to add a hole to the corner of the tag.
Step 5: Time to add a heart to the tag! You could punch it of cardstock using a mini heart punch or use your Cricut. Cutting it out by hand would certainly work too!  After you cut out the heart, place an adhesive foam square on the back and remove the liner. Lastly, place it in the center of the globe. 
Step 6: Pour M&Ms into each side of the plastic container, making sure they’re not too full.  Then, slowly bring the two sides together until they are secure. In addition to M&Ms, you could also add other small valentines themed candy.
Step 7: Cut a piece of 6” baker’s twine.  Then, run the it through the hole in the tag and tie it towards the top of the globe stand. 
Step 9: Add the globe to the stand by aligning the holes with the stand.

DIY Donut Valentines Treat Bag

Everyone loves donuts, am I right? Which is why they make the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day! These punny treat bags will have your kids (and their classmates!) smiling.  Not only because they are funny, but also because they are sugary sweet!  To finish the treat bag, we add some playful Valentine’s Day elements printed on matte photo paper that really turn this gift into the cutest darn treat bag in all of the land! 

These Valentine’s Day donut hole treats are perfect for class treats, Valentine’s Day parties, or perhaps a Galentine’s Day brunch. They’re quick and easy to put together and simple enough to make with the kiddos.  These sweet treats are perfect for the holiday of love.  However, they’re not just for Valentine’s Day.  You can decorate donut holes in a variety of chocolate colors as well as sprinkle colors making them completely customizable for any holiday or party! Take a peak at the full tutorial below to see how you can make your own DIY donut valentines treat bags!

Materials for Donut Valentines Treat Bag

How to Make Chocolate Dipped Donuts

Step 1: Pour white chocolates into a bowl and melt in the microwave for one minute.  Remove the chocolates and stir them.  Continue stirring until the chocolate is nice and smooth.  If you still have chunks, reheat for another 20 seconds.  You want to make sure you don’t overheat your chocolate! Grab a donut and dip it into the chocolate about half way.  Then, pull it out of the chocolate and tap it to remove excess chocolate. 
Step 2: Dip the side of the donut with chocolate into the bowl with sprinkles.   
Step 3: Lay the donut onto a piece of parchment paper to let the chocolate harden. 
Step 4: Take four donuts and add them to the treat bag.  Flip the bag over so the sprinkle side is facing down.  Fold the top corners in to form a point, roll it down, and secure it to the bottom of the bag with tape. 

How to Create Treat Bag Packaging

Step 1: Upload the valentine tags “I like you a hole lot” to Cricut Design Space. Resize to 3.2” x 5.4”.   Copy and paste 4 times. Find the image design: Scalloped Border #M2AAB3F2D.  Resize it to 0.9” x 10.25” and copy and paste it 9 times 
Step 2: Print it out your tags on the photo paper and run through your Cricut machine to cut. 
Step 3:  Download 8” x 11” teal donut paper design, print it out, add it to your Cricut cutting mat, and cut the scalloped design. 
Step 4: Use a tape runner to add adhesive to the end of the scalloped trim about 2” down. 
Step 5: Wrap the paper trim around the treat bag and secure it in the back. 
Step 6: Measure a piece if twine 16” long and cut.  With the donut sprinkles facing up, place the twin under the treat bag, run both ends through the tag, tie a knot, and finish with a bow. 

So, there you have it! Four easy printable valentine treat ideas for the classroom that are sure to be hit with kiddos this year. Lastly, if you’re looking for a non-candy valentine be sure to check out the free valentine printables for a fruity alternative!

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