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Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea

Looking for a chic way to wrap your gift for Mom this year? I’ve got you covered with this Mother’s Day gift wrapping idea. Since Mother’s Day is celebrated in the spring, what better way to infuse the season into gift wrap than with a 3D paper flower! This Cricut paper flower is from the Flowers Everywhere Stationery Bundle and the perfect accessory for this DIY gift wrap idea! 

For me, gift giving is as much about the gift wrap as it is about the gift. So, I’m showing you how to amplify a plain box with some paint, printable stickers, and a 3D paper flower! This DIY gift wrap can be customized to fit any size box. All you need to do is change the size of the paper flower in Design Space! It can also be used to house gifts for other occasions such as wedding showers, baby showers, and birthdays! What’s cool about this project is the recipient can hang the lid on a wall along aside other photos for a unique accent piece that really pops! Take a look at the video below for the full tutorial on how to make this adorable Mother’s Day gift wrapping idea! 

Materials for the Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea:

How to Make the Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Idea: 

Step 1: Upload both of the pop-up card images to Design Space. Click on the image that has the butterfly and add it to your canvas. Resize it to 6.053” wide. Then, using this technique, isolate the flower and then the butterfly. Open the other document and isolate the flower, flowers parts, and the leaves.  
Step 2: To print the flower pieces and butterfly, first add your paper to your printer. Make sure the floral accents print on the sticker paper and the flower, flower parts, and butterfly print on photo paper. 
Step 3: After you print everything, go back to the top and click on the first image. Now it’s time to cut everything out. For the floral elements, select ‘vinyl’ from the material options and cut out. When you get to the flower pieces, change the material to ‘light weight cardstock’ and cut them out. 

How to Assemble the 3D Paper Flower

Step 1: Now it’s time to assemble the flowers. First, start by folding the flower petals and the inside of the flower up and the remaining flower pieces down. 
Step 2: Next, add glue to the indicated sections on each flower piece. Then, glue each together. 
Step 3: Finally, assemble all of the flower pieces together using glue until you form the 3D flower. 

How to Decorate the Gift Box:

Step 1: Paint the paper mache box with a coat of paint and let it dry. Once it’s dry, add another coat of paint. 
Step 2: Let’s decorate our box! Before you get started, make sure the paint is dry. Start by gluing the leaves to the lid, followed by the 3D flower. 
Step 3: Peel off the floral elements and add them to the base of the box. 
Step 4: Lastly, put glue on the back of the butterfly and add it to the flower.

Now, time to pop in your special gift! Again, since you can customize the size of the 3D paper flower, you can select a box that perfectly fits what you’re gifting to your M-O-M. Trust me, she’s going to love the packaging!

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