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How to Make a Sticker Organizer for your Planner

If you love to use planner stickers or you have a cart filled with Happy Planner sticker books, then you know how hard it can be to keep them organized and ready to use. With this DIY sticker organizer for your planner, you’ll have your favorite stickers on hand.

Create your own sticker organizer that you can keep in your planner to use whenever you need!


To create your own sticker organizer, you’ll need a few supplies that you can quickly order from Amazon!

Supplies for your DIY Sticker organizer
  • Plastic Zipper Pouches – we used THESE which are perfectly sized for the Happy Planner Classic planner. If you have a different sized planner, you may want to use a smaller or larger plastic zipper pouch.
  • Double Sided Tape – THIS stuff is the best for this project since it’s really heavy duty and adheres very well! It also comes in a great bundle so you have whatever size you need!


STEP 1: Cut a strip of patterned paper that is 2″ wide and the same length as the zipper pouch. In this case, the pouch is 9″ long, so the patterned paper strip is 2″ x 9″
STEP 2: Add double-sided tape along the bottom edge of the pouch on both sides.
STEP 3: Peel off the backing of the double sided tape. Adhere the patterned paper to the double sided tape so that the tape is right along the edge of the patterned paper.
STEP 4: Punch holes along the edge of the patterned paper. You should ONLY be punching through paper. You should not punch through any of the plastic pouch.


Now that you have created sticker organizer, you’re ready to fill it up with stickers! This organizer is great for keeping seasonal stickers on hand or a few pieces of notepaper. It’s also great as a pen or pencil holder.

If you’re wondering how to make your own planner stickers to fill up your new sticker organizer, we’ve got you covered! You can easily make your own stickers with Cricut or you can even create stickers with no machine at all! Just make sure you’re using the best sticker paper!

When you’re done making your sticker organizer, add a custom vinyl label to the from with your Cricut Joy

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