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how to write a thank you card

Have you ever stared at blank card with no clue what to write? At first thought, the task seems simple, but there’s definitely an art to writing a thoughtful note of thanks to a friend, family member or co-worker.

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Let’s start with these five tips:

never start with “thank you”

You might be tempted to start your note off with – “Thank you for the…” Don’t do it! This is a dead end and can leave you with little else to say in your card. Instead, start your card with something a little more interesting and personal. For example, tell them “It was so great seeing you at the conference last week!” or “I can hardly believe it’s been two weeks since we saw each other!” Make it personal and engaging so your recipient knows you’re writing a special message just for them!

mention a personal story

Including a personal story in your thank you card is especially great when sending a message to a new acquaintance. It’s a great way to let them know your encounter was meaningful and it helps them remember you too! For example, you may want to say something like “It was so great meeting you at the conference! That story about your new puppy still has me laughing! Here’s hoping we can share another bowl of guacamole in the near future!”

In just a few sentences you can relive the fun moments and then go into your thank you message from there!

name the gift or the act

If you’re writing a thank you note for a particular gift or act of kindness, make sure to describe the gift or act specifically! Don’t be vague! That just comes off as nonchalant and ungrateful.

If your neighbors brought over a chicken casserole while you were sick, don’t just say “Thanks for dinner” – say “That chicken casserole was amazing! The leftovers were even better! I’m so grateful for a friend like you who cares enough to support me when I’m down and also knows how to make a killer meal!

use something other than “thank you”

Instead of sharing your gratitude by saying “thank you” try and think of other words and phrases that express thanks. Here are a few examples:

  • I’m so grateful…
  • You’re such a blessing…
  • I can’t tell you how much I appreciate…
  • I’m sending you loads of gratitude for…
  • I’m feeling so thankful to have a friend like you…
  • There aren’t enough “thanks” in the world to tell you how I feel about…

less “I’s” more “You’s”

Try to avoid using “I” at the beginning of every sentence. It’s a tough habit to break. Try to focus on using “you” instead. This helps keep the focus on the awesome person to whom you’re sending the card!

look to the future

End your message by letting them know you’d love to connect or chat soon! This way you keep the conversation going and show how much you value the relationship. This is a great gesture when writing notes to friends! It’s a special way to invite your friend on a lunch or coffee date without the usual text message.

get their address

This may seem obvious but considering the tech age we live in, it’s not always easy to find someone’s physical mailing address. Keep these on hand! Whether it’s electronically in your email app or on paper in your planner. Having the physical addresses of friends makes it much easier to send them a quick, thoughtful card.


Hey Margo! The votes are in and your blueberry cobbler is officially our family’s favorite dessert! You are truly a gem and I’m so grateful to have you as a friend. Thank you so much for bringing over dessert for our Mother’s Day Brunch. You absolutely didn’t have to! I can’t wait to get together over coffee and learn all your cobbler-making secrets! Let me know when you’re available!

You are always there when I need you and last week was no exception. Please know that I am endlessly appreciate of your support during this difficult time. Even though things are definitely tough right now, having a friend like you makes it much easier. Thank you for coming by and lending your shoulder to cry on (literally!) Soon, life will even out and when it does – we’re getting a round of your favorite margaritas on me! No excuses.

You’ve been an inspiration of mine for a long time and now, even more so! Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me after lecture. Your advice is invaluable and I especially look forward to using your techniques for organic engagement…so brilliant! Here’s hoping we can get together again in the future! Until then, congratulations on the new house! I can’t believe how quickly you were able to get everything unpacked!

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